Experts consider overworked
forearm muscles to be a major
cause of wrist injury for computer
users and manual assembly
Better Hands Glove Products
One size fits most hands $5.00 per pair
One size fits most hands $12.00 per pair
$13.95 for one - (fits either hand)
$24.95 per pair
Patented insert positions fingers to relax forearm muscles,
reduce movement of internal tissue, promote flexible scar
tissue, and naturally align tendons and nerves passing
through the wrist
Use while resting or sleeping
Instantly use your fingers!
According to the ergonomics committtee of the American
Industrial Hygiene Association, using a wrist wrap or
splint while working has not been proven to be an
effective means of injury prevention or treatment for soft
tissue wrist injuries.
Relaxes Forearm Muscles
Prevents/limits movement of lumbricals inside the carpal tunnel.
Prevnts/limits intrusion of flexor muscles into the carpal tunnel.
May be covered by your insurance! HCPICS billing code L-3909