Raynaud's Disease
Better Hands Glove Products
Sufferers of Raynaud's disease or syndrome are often urged to
keep their hands warm using thermal gloves.

The Better Hands Thermal glove is made from a hollow
fiber yarn, Dupont Thermastat. It is hypoallergenic and most
people like the very soft, soothing feel it makes on their skin.

If one wants access to their finger tips then Grip-
design permits the hand to retain heat, and to have
immediate tactile use of the wearer's fingers when necessary.

In addition Grip-Rest/Sof*Brace does not compeletely encircle the
fingers which lessens the possibility that it will reduce blood flow.

Given a choice most people prefer the thermal glove.

Consultation with one's care provider is recommended anytime medicine or other methods to ease
symptoms of Raynaud's Disease is being considered.