Important features
you should know.

. Grip-Rest Rigid Elastic Wraps
Feature Sof*Brace Braces & Gloves

Proven to be effective when used at work Not recommended NoNo
for use while working

Pervents/limits movement of lumbricalsYES NoNo
inside the carpal tunnel

Prevents/limits intrusion of flexor musclesYES NoNo
into the carpal tunnel

Immobilize internal soft tissue*YES NoNo
Promote growth of flexible scar tissue*YES No ?
Create isotonic tension in finger tendons*YES NoNo

Promote natural alignment of internal tissues*YES NoNo
Avoid external compression on median nerve*YES NoNo
Relax forearm muscles*YES ? ?

Generate warmth & moisture*YESYESYES
Limit forward wrist flex*YESYESYES

Completely immobilize bones NoYES No
Provide auxilliary structural support NoYESYES

Better Hands Glove Products
*In response to a request for device classification the US Food and
Drug Administration agreed Grip Rest provides these benefits
which are considered by experts to be important in preventing and
treating soft tissue wrist injuries.

Consultation with a health care professional is recommended when chosing to wear a
wrist treatment device.