Better Hands Glove Products
Warmth, moisture and mild compression are widely recognized as
effective means to obtain temporary relief from arthritic pain and stiffness.

Night time releif for the hands
Grip-Rest/Sof*Brace provides all three of these benefits
while you sleep.

Hand Warmth is retained by the thermal fibers used in Grip-

Moisture in the form of perspiration from the palm's sweat glands (up to
2000 per square cm.) is a result of retained warmth.

Compression is provided without completely encircling the fingers.
Pressure is applied only to the back and palm side of the fingers which
lessens the possiblity of reduced blood flow.

Day time relief for the hands
Thermal Glove provides warmth, and mild compression
for daytime relief of artiritic pain and stiffness in the

Consultation with one's care provider is recommended anytime medicine or other methods to ease
arthritic pain and stiffness is being considered.