Grip Trainer
A proper grip is the most important part of the golf swing!

A proper grip is one that will promote repeatable swing movement, and allow unrestricted
transfer of power from the body to the golf club.

It also creates a sense of "feeling comfortable" which promotes confidence necessary to stay
focused when the mental aspects of golf threaten to overwhelm your trained swing pattern.

According to experts the club should be held lightly with the fingers. One should never feel
that they are using their fingers and palms as a vise yet many golfers unconsciously strangle
the golf grip as they swing.

Practicing and playing with Secure Grip does several things to promote the proper grip.

1. Secure Grip can help eliminate the urge to strangle the club. The rubber dotting on the
palm side of the fingers provides excellent friction so the wearer can easily hold the club
using only their fingers, and light pressure.

2. The knit palm will feel uncomfortable when the wearer tries to hold the club using both the
palm, and the fingers. When you cannot feel the fabric in the palm you can be sure are
holding the club with just your fingers.

3. The slghtly thicker material requires one to refine the sense of feel in their fingers.

4. Moisture accumulation on the skin is never a problem because the yarn wicks sweat from
the palm and lets it evaporate right through the fabric.

Secure Grip conforms to USGA rules of golf.
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