Why one pair is recommended?

Many times appearance of symptoms in the second hand is
not far behind the noticeable pain in one's primary hand.

Grip Rest/Sof*Brace has additional properties besides relief
from injury.

It is widely known that warm hands is an indication of
relaxation and several medical studies show the warmth
provided by Grip Rest may assist in overall relaxation, and
help bring a faster onset of sleep.
To order just one Grip Rest/Sof*Brace Glove

The secure ordering page has an "open items" line at the
bottom of the order entry section.

Paste the following: "1 Grip Rest" followed by the size,
and enter $13.95 in the price column.

The glove will fit either hand so you need not specify right
or left.

Better Hands Glove Products
One pair of thermal gloves
included with each pair of
Grip Rest ordered