The patented insert positions the fingers to relax forearm
Experts consider forearm muscle tension a
major cause of wrist injury for computer users and workers
performing manual assembly work.

Quiets internal tissues by eliminiating finger movement.

Allows for growth of flexible scar tissue.

Provides warmth, moisture and mild compression that may
aid in reducing the pain and other symptoms associated
with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injury
and tendonitis.

Provides a feeling of warmth in one's hands that may aid in
relaxing a person and may produce a faster onset of

Doctor recommended
For computer users, and manual assembly workers
grocery clreks, poultry processors, and blood sample
techncians who are at risk of getting carpal tunnel
syndrome, repetitive strain injury, and tendonitis,
Better Hands Glove Products
$13.95 for one - (fits either hand)
$24.95 per pair

According to the ergonomics committee of the American
Industrial hygiene Association, using a wrist wrap or splint
while working has not been proven to be an effective
means of injury prevention or treatment of soft tissue
wrist injuries.
Instantly use of your fingers!
Relaxes forearm muscles
According to Dr. Emil Pascarelli, author of Repetitive
Strain Injury
, failure of the forearm muscles to relax is a
major cause of wrist injury.
HCPICS insurance billing code L-3909
Prevents/limits movement of the lumbricals
inside the carpal tunnel.
US Pat. 5,865,783
Prevents/limits intrusion of flexor muscles
into the carpal tunnel.
May be covered by insurance!
FDA approved claims for preventing and treating wrist injuries.