Grip-Rest Testimonials
I am happy to endorse the Better Hands therapeutic glove. After just one night wearing
the glove my sore left hand was feeling much better. After three nights of wearing the
glove the pain was completely gone and I could once again hit golf balls without any
pain. Thank you Better Hands!

. . . S. Fluke, Golf Professional

I find that the Grip-Rest gloves give me relief from my computer/work induced repetitive
strain discomfort when used consistently and with other techniques.
. . . A. Barnes

Thank you for allowing me to use your very comfortable wrist product. I had a wrist injury
causing me a great deal of discomfort daily. Wearing this brace at night while sleeping
and at various times through out the day has greatly decreased my discomfort. Other
braces I have tried were so uncomfortable. Yours is great! Thanks!
. . . T. Bowers

I'm writing this letter in appreciation of your Grip-Rest gloves. From the day I started
wearing them, I have experienced great relief from the pain I have had from the
unbearably painful tendonitis in my wrists and arms. I almost forgot how it was to feel
normal again. I am also sleeping much better at night.

. . . L. Billingsley

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