Secure Grip Testimonials
It suddenly rained up in Edmonton, Alberta
Province, recently, so I had the opportunity
starting on the 8th hole to test the Better Hands
golf gloves. I had stored them in my golf bag for
about five months, and I always wondered if they
really worked. I found the dotted palm grips wet
golf clubs like glue. I swear by them, as will you.
Bob Kocsor, Editor of Golf Today Magazine

Secure Grip has help us avoid many cuts on the
hand when handling plastic laminates. The
special compound rubber dotting is especially
helpful when grasping slipery objects such as
Ken's Cabinets

As a daily wheel chair user my first pair of Secure
Grip gloves lasted over two years before I got
tired of thier I purchase a secondpair because I
wanted to wear something that looked new.
J. Vance
Better Hands Glove Products